Trevor Faggotter is my name. I am a South Australian. I grew up in a dairy farming district at Myponga. It is a great place. I love farms, dairy cattle, beef cattle, and all types of cattle. I love blue heeler dogs. And red heelers. I like rainbow bee-eaters, lovely colourful birds. I have a wife and children. I love Australian Rules Football. And motorcycles.

For much of my life I have sought to teach what I know and understand of the purposes of God for creation.  This knowledge has been given to the human race through the great and gracious life of Jesus of Nazareth, and he, and his work, are to be known through the faith, imparted by the Spirit of God.  Jesus is the hope for all the nations. His life, his death upon a cross on Good Friday, and his resurrection on Sunday, the third day, and all the benefits that flow to humanity from this work, are the key to all of life.